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Adult doll wigs body head  body parts


The fullset includes:nude doll (with the wing),face up,eyes(16MM),wig,outfit(YC-08),shoes(YS-001);

The Zenobias body is girl body Y-body-04-1(with wing) of DC Youth series;nude doll is $800.But you can choose the normal body Y-body-04(without wing),it is $500,and the nude doll(without wing)is $590。

The face up is $60.The fullset is not including the body blushing.But you can choose the body make up for the doll,the price is $60(not including the tatto),if you need the tatto,you need to add $60 for it.

Also if you want to make up the wing,you need to add $35.The shoes is $25,you can purchase it separately.

Zenobia’s skin color in picture is DC white skin, you can also choose DC yellow and DC pink skin as the same price as DC white skin.

Remarks: The hands are joint hands.

We will send you this wig following the below picture,when we send out the doll。

You can choose DC white, yellow, pink, green and tan skin.If you want green or tan skin , please add $90    

 Height (including head) 66cm

Head size: 20cm

Neck size: 7cm

 Shoulder width: 10.5cm

Arm length: 29cm

Chest size:27cm

Waist size: 16.5cm

Hip size:27.5cm

Leg length: 38cm

Thigh size: 16.5cm

Foot length:8.5cm

Foot width:4cm