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Adult doll wigs body head  body parts

Full-set includes($780):Nude doll $379, Face-up $60, body blush $90, Outfit(KC-38) $90,Wig(GW45-055, which purchased from MiuCat House), shoes(KS-002) and Eyes(g14-106 ),crown $39 and armours.  Default body is K-body-11. The doll in promotion picture is white skin. Skin color: white, pink, yellow, gray, green and tan are available. And gray, green, and tan needs more $60 .
PS:You can order crown ($39) separetely, and makeup$30, if you order crown with makeup, just need $60. Besides, you can have all accessories includes breast armour , shoulders armour  and crowns by adding $108, and makeup $69.
Outfit includes: Vest shawls, collars, stockings, briefs


Height (including head) 50.5cm
Head size: 16.8cm
Neck size: 5.5cm
Shoulder width: 6.5cm
Arm length:16.5cm
Chest size:13cm
Waist size: 9cm
Hip size:21.8cm
Leg length: 28.5cm
Thigh size: 14.5cm
Leg width: 10cm
Foot length: 5cm